This little horse makes me very happy.

Look how balanced he is learning to be

Not dumping on his forehand

Small jumps, but building patience 


Before he sees the jump

After.  We are really working on slowing his feet down - which is hard as he is a heat-seeking missile.

My trainer is not the best photographer but look at his little feets.

It is weird because he is such a hot little dude, but not heavy in the bridle.

Which means he sometimes 'pulls' me to a weird spot.

And then jumps like a strange deer.

But we are starting to be able to get this sexy canter back between fences.

And he is starting to lift and really jump round.

Sometimes we miss or he gets into zoom mode.

Notice the midair head shake - he listens, but he wants me to know he thinks slow is stupid.

This little pup is having some separation issues.

Grandma and her boys - yes they like to share a stall even when both are open.

We did not forget Steve.
And we entered our first HT of the year! So excited to get back to this.


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