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The Retired TB: A Farm Life Sidebar

So when we bought our place the primary reason we bought our farm (other than the obvious) was that Dutch does not thrive in pasture board and full care board for two horses was out of our budget.  Dutch has always been a horse of questionable life experience and soundness.  Add to that he has, over the past 13 years, managed to tear 3 of his 4 suspensories.

He is also allergic to trees, clay mud, bugs, and corn.

He also also has the worst feet of any horse most farries here have seen. And he pulls shoes like it is his JOB. We are currently at a max of 5 days between pulls. Yeah, my farrier loves me.

Conventional retirement was never in the plans. I also nursed dreams the by mirco managing his life, I could bring him back to first level dressage.  And to be fair we have long stretches where he is sound and happy on an every other day dose of previcox.  The downside is that previcox kills his appetite.

His allergies require him to go off previcox and on to dex to control his hives and …

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