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Dressage Lesson Recap

Too too cute Dressage Pony So this lesson was really interesting.  I have been playing with the idea of showing 1st level next year, I think the longer test will suit Uno better and we are schooling all the movements, so we went down to Fancy Dressage Trainer to get a reality check.  And it ended with a lot of praise.

Fancy Dressage trainer works with a LOT of Fancy Dressage Horses, but she also works with a lot of our local eventers (from Advanced to me at Maiden) and she is pretty universally loved.  She has seen Uno several times a year since we got him and has helped a lot at figuring out what he needs to become stronger/ more comfortable in his body.  Today's lesson focused on finding a truly UPHILL forward trot and canter that stayed soft in the neck.  We also played a little to see if what was in there for mediums and leg yeilds.  The news was a lot of good things!
Right from the beginning, she commented that our trot work was much more active, even if the tempo was slow. We p…

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