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He is sensitive boy...

Spring Break flew by and we got a LOT done around the farm. Painting, Planting, Clearing.  We are slowly taming the wilds around the house.  I like to garden, but it has totally taken a back burner to pasture establishment the last few years.  Now is the time to reclaim my beds and plants some pretty flowers and veggies.

We also got in with the saddle fitter and have some conclusions, the biggest is that Uno will be a very hard horse to fit.  He is so short backed, wide, and curvy that the saddles that fit his back shape and movement best just do not have enough of a curve and he bucks.

We found a Vega that seems to be the best compromise.  We have had it for over a week.  I have dressaged, jumped, done canter sets, everything I could think of. He was AWESOME!!!

We can now canter in BOTH directions, like a trained horse.  Flat rides still focus on getting him truly straight and keeping him from diving out of the contact.  We have discovered that part of the problem with our canter lea…

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