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Arg... We are still no closer

Although the actual procedure will be waiting until we have finished with our taxes for the year, we are still trying to get a solidified diagnosis/ treatment plan for Uno.
After the vet left we had 1 week to get him on the previcox and do some light work.  After a few days, I hopped on bareback (which is very normal T - TH.) I worked on getting the more forward w -t -c really trying to feel for an active hind leg.  HE WAS AWESOME!!! 

Then Friday, I got on in the saddle (again this is very normal) and proceeded to have a 90-minute fight.  Our warm-up was picture perfect. We picked up both canters easily and he was reaching forward into the contact.     
Our usual warm up is about 15 - 20 minutes long.  We walk, halt, walk.  Then move into a trot and work on circles and figure eights. Then we canter in each direction. Again this was all VERY well done, so we dropped into a walk break for a few laps and tried to pick back up and do a bit more trot work.  He tends to get rushy after the …

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