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A season of FLUFF

Winter has come to the Carolinas... we have frost.  The stock tank is steaming in the morning (thanks heater!).  And the horses are fluffy.

Normally I start clipping in November and touch up everything once a month.  This year has been different.  We have been doing much less intense work and more just being.  Both horses are the fluffiest they have even been.

I love and hate it.  Sinking your fingers in thick clean fur each night after their grooming is LOVELY.  They are soft and sweet and cozy.  We bond over crunching grain and soft brushes.
However, this is the first winter that Dutch has not been clipped with a pulled mane.  Somehow he actually looks his age. My dude will be 20 in a few short weeks.

With the cold weather his breathing has calmed down and he is totally sound.  I climb on bareback once or twice a week and work him in hand to keep his brain and body happy.
His weight look awesome.  

We are talking about my husband taking western lessons on him from the same guy we se…

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