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Jomping is Uno's favorite, flat work... Not so much

After a pretty disasterous week of riding. I went to our dressage show with the intention of riding like a hunter and be as soft as possible. I knew this meant we would end up getting a lot of on the fore hand or disconnected. The goal was to have a ride where we got both canter transitions and 0 bucking.

It worked. Yes we did have comments about him being on the forehand and some irregular geometry, but he was happy and calm through the whole test. The second test was Abit of a disaster. But that was a whole nother kettle of fish.  The one thing that stood out to me was that he was SO good in the grass warmup. So we went home and set up a similarly roped off area to see if that would make a difference. It did not. Uno continued to be well behaved when we went off to our lessons and run like his tail was on fire at home.

I reviewed the pictures and the video and he was a bit stabby behind, and a bit sore in his butt. He is due for his SI injections, so in the interim, I did a 10 day c…

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