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How we handle rapidly changing weather

 So in NC pre-winter Mother Nature is a bit Bi-polar. It is not unheard of to have temperature swings of 40 - 60 degrees within a 24 hour period. We also get frequent and random HEAVY (3+ inch) rainstorms that come through.  Anyone with horses knows that these yoyo weather events can really upset a horse's digestive systems.  I am *lucky* to have two very sensitive horses.  Dutch will go off his feed if you look at him funny, and Uno has issues with diarrhea and has had seasonal gas colic before. Yay! As an anxious over-planner, this is the perfect storm of things for me to obsessively monitor. We go through this period every fall and I have found a few things that at the very least give me better peace of mind. Turn out: In the fall and winter horses go out in our bigger pastures during the day and spend the night in the dry lot with the donkeys. There is not a ton of grass (our rye and fescue did not thrive this fall IDK why yet), but there is enough to keep them busy for the 6 -

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