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The magic of regular lessons

In between dodging thunderstorms, downed trees, and incompetent contractors, the Uno-baby and I have been lessoning a LOT.  The more I ride with her, the more I am in love with new event trainer.  She insists on doing things correctly, but in completely drama and anxiety free way.  She has also been willing to come out and ride the Uno.  Which has been LIFE changing!!

Our current schedule is that on Monday I have a lesson that takes the form of whatever I need.  This week we jumped (more on that later), then on Wednesdays trainer takes the ride and I get on Dutch. She mainly focuses on correct flat work and slowly but surely Uno is starting to work over his back in a relaxed connected way.  Sound the trumpets - we are starting to do REAL dressage. 

The learning curve has been steep for both of us - our bad habits feed each other and we can quickly snowball past any reasonable point.  However, Uno is starting to look to his rider as a helpful partner on the flat and is keeping all his …

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