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Lesson Recap

 So I have no new media for this post but I wanted to capture my thoughts anyway.  This was a lesson with a new trainer that travels to all the shows I want to go to, and works out of my magic dressage trainers farm.  Since the last disaster of an HT last year I kinda stopped jumping.  I trailered out to my old trainer and tried for a few lessons, but I felt over faced and nervous a lot.  When I tried jumping at home Uno was very very zoomy - So I stopped jumping.  My jump saddle sat in my garage without stirrups for 5 months.  We canter through fields bareback now!  What a good egg. As horse friends started to go out and do the eventing thing, my urge to jump came back.  I like dressage. I mean, even as a dressage rider I mostly only school 1 - 2 times a week and hack out the rest, but I am not the eventer that hates dressage.  I hate SJ. It is scary and awful and I usually cry.  So my expectations were very very low.   Over 10 years apart and still hating stadium. We didn't do a

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