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Dutch Catch Up in Pictures

Ok, so in the last 2 weeks, Dutch has gotten new shoes, AND found a new med for his breathing.  He has been on this new medicine - Clembuterol - for 2 weeks.  It is not cheap and he still will not sweat, BUT as long as I get him inside before the 'real feel' hits 90 he has not had any heaving episodes.  It has been HOT too! On Tuesday he got new shoes.  We are using Easy Care glue-on shoes with DIM material, and he LOVES them.  Like look at that sound boy trotting!!!  I am not going to lie I maybe cried on Wednesday morning.  Let's not talk about how epicly bad his feet are and just love that he is happy! Also, love how close these fit even just dry with no shaping. I am so impressed with these products.     

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