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Lew Update

  So when I last updated on Lew we decided to work on an every-other-day system, totaling 3 - 4 work days a week.  This has been a GREAT change for Lew.  We usually start off with one in-hand day. This is either lunging, where we work on cantering FORWARD and jumping little xc jumps; or in hand work, where I am introducing inside bench and stretch, turn on the forehand, and lateral movements; or a walk through the neighborhood. My mom actually likes him now! He is a camera hog! Then I ride 2 - 3 times focusing on forward, straightness, bending, and poles.  He has been so good.  He is still very green, but we are working on not throwing his shoulders around and counter-bending through the turns. The work is not show-ring-good, but he seems to really understand what I am asking and trying for me.   We have also added in longer canter - trying to keep it moving FORWARD and not letting it get stuck in one spot, but he still finds this hard.  Right now he just needs a TON of canter support

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