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A victory is a victory

So we went to a local unrecognized HT on Sat and once again I am over the moon in love with Uno.  We only did GAG - knowing that it would be easy so I could work on feeling confident.  We also went without my trainer, so it was a real test of what my brain would do.  Spoiler alert my brain was not great. This is a long-standing but lightly attended show.  The jumping is always very soft on height, and the XC is always more terrain questions than jump questions.  There were 13 people running in our division so they split it into 2 classes.  It rained pretty hard and GAG was last in the day (we were actually the last rider of the day).  Pro's we didn't have to leave home until 10:45; Con's the ground was not the best. For dressage Uno was LIT!!!  Hubby was actually really helpful and reminded me to ride square corners and move his shoulders until he softens.  The test itself was actually pretty good!  We got 7s and 7.5s for most movements, minus the one circle where he though

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