Lew - Angel or Demon?

 In Lew news, Wonder Trainer recommended an every-other-day protocol.  Lunge Monday in a way that pushes his mental bubble.  Ride Wednesday and Friday focusing on straight, forward, and creating a steady tempo.  Then over the weekend go for a long walk.

We had one AWESOME week of this, and then Lew blew an abscess. 

Whomp whomp.

Well, he was finally sound again this week.  So Monday I took him out to our XC 'field' and we trotted and cantered up and down hills on the lunge, then we trotted over the faux ditch - it is a painted pallet cut in half, and then trotted and cantered a ground pole.  Then I pointed him at our little 2'3" table (he has jumped his in the past, but usually refuses, or jumps really awkwardly) and he popped right over.  

We immediately stopped and he got all the good boy treats. It was almost 100% drama-free - he tripped, spooked himself, and pulled me off my feet at one point, but that really wasn't his fault, tripping be scary.

We are slowly adding grass time back to their schedules.

Yesterday, I rode and he was excellent.  He still tries to run through the shoulders, bending is hard, and getting the correct canter lead is a gamble.  BUUUUUT  we walk, trot, and canter on a loose rein.  We move forward without throwing fits. He stops when asked, and goes over trot poles.  All in all good baby stuff.

We have also started hacking/ cooling out in our big fields, up and down the hills and along the fence by the road.  He walks a totally loose rein, and happily canters up hills and stops softly. Like I am really starting to just feel comfortable up on him.

On the other hand, he has mastered taking off blankets to use as toys.  We need to find him a new feed bucket because he flings feed everywhere.  And his fully splayed-out nap times have made the neighbors think he was dead....

So angel or demon?  Or just a big baby thoroughbred.


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