Lew Update


So when I last updated on Lew we decided to work on an every-other-day system, totaling 3 - 4 work days a week.  This has been a GREAT change for Lew.  We usually start off with one in-hand day. This is either lunging, where we work on cantering FORWARD and jumping little xc jumps; or in hand work, where I am introducing inside bench and stretch, turn on the forehand, and lateral movements; or a walk through the neighborhood.

My mom actually likes him now!

He is a camera hog!

Then I ride 2 - 3 times focusing on forward, straightness, bending, and poles. 

He has been so good.  He is still very green, but we are working on not throwing his shoulders around and counter-bending through the turns. The work is not show-ring-good, but he seems to really understand what I am asking and trying for me.  

We have also added in longer canter - trying to keep it moving FORWARD and not letting it get stuck in one spot, but he still finds this hard.  Right now he just needs a TON of canter support to keep going forward. 

And finally, we have added small cross rails into our routine this week and he was a STAR.  He was very happy to just bop up to them and actually move away on the backside. 

The biggest hurdle for him at the moment is how tight he gets.  When we warm up and if he loses his balance, he becomes uneven behind at the trot - usually on the same leg, left hind.  It seems to be a tightness issue on the right side on his body - it is so hard for him to stretch around and lengthen his right side. After a bit of work it consistently goes away, it is not there in side reins that hold him straight, and doesn't happen at all loose in the field. The current plan is to just keep working and stretching and see where we are in 2 - 3 months.


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