A Goal and an Update

My Goal is to do a farm update at least once a month.  This should help us keep track of what we are accomplishing.

2016 Goals:

1. Establish Back Pasture
2. Re- Roof Barn
3. Clear Front Yard
4. Establish Fruit Trees
5. Finish Stalls

1. Show Training Level Test 1
2. Show in a CT at 2"
3. Canter 20 meter circles

1. Show Anything
2. Ride 3 times per week
4. School Frist Level Test 1

March Goals:

1. Fence Back Acres
2. Uno Show Intro A
3. Find Place to Trailer out when weather is bad
4. Get Dutch up to 15 miles per week

* Cut back doors to stalls
* Create working wash rack

Both Boys last spring.  
I can't wait for Spring, this time at a farm of our own!


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