A week of Stuff and THINGS...

Note this post is like 4 months old, but covers the biggest of our "big" changes.  I will be back to add pictures of things.

So these past two weeks were a major reality check for living on a slowly aging mini-farm.  Everything kinda fails all at once in a big way.

Issue 1: At some point the bathroom we never use developed a leaky toilet.  Since we done you know use it we never noticed.

Conclusion: New Subfloor and tile ASAP.

Issue 2: We called our Home Warranty People about water pressure issues.  Please understand home Warranties are awesome good things.  Home Warranty people are NOT. After 4 days of contractor run around we got a guy.  We got a guy who will look at both the water tank in the house AND the well outside of it.  That seems to be a bigger issue than we ever knew.

Conclusion: It all must go. No joke, the pump breaking messed up the tank, which blew the wiring, which continuously shorted the breaker for the whole water system.  Fun times.

Issue 3: The barn floods. It floods because it leaks.
This was actually the only intended Spring Fix.  But it became kind of a thing. Apparently, you have to threaten GC's with manslaughter charges to get them to not randomly arrive without warning and leave gates open.  This should have been a painless process, but it wasn't.

Conclusion: Many days off work and a new roof.  Then 3 weeks of sweeping for nails.

Issue 4: The front porch is rotten.
This should have been caught by our Home Inspection person.  It wasn't. He sucks.  However, we found a wonderful contractor who tore it down, replaced the VERY rotten supports under the front of the house. And built us a lovely new one.

Conclusion:  Guys named Jim are the best.

Issue 5: Dog dug through carpet.
I run small time personalized pet boarding at the farm and one of these little angels locked himself in our uest room and tried to dig out.  So we have a bare spot clear to the subfloor. There is less than no money to fix it right now, because see above list of things.

Conclusion: Home Goods sells both door stops and small area rugs.  We will revisit this next year once our bank account recovers.


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