How we do... Saturday Edition!

So our days are spent full throttle.  Between the Husband and I both working full time, running a pet boarding business, and it being Hunting Season, Holiday Season, and Schooling Show Season there are no breaks.

This is a run down of our typical Sat.

6:00 AM Wake Up for me, not so much the husband.

I love waking up when the world is sleepy.  The horses are calm and the chickens are quiet.
Breakfast is a juggling act because all creatures WANT FOODS NOW!!!  Usually I wake up the neighbors goats and duck calling for my boys, so I give them some over the fence love.  They are cute buggers, even if the papa goat keeps breaking our fence to come visit the horses.

Could they look more dorky?  Super dorks on parade over here.

My ride times for this weekend are:

The venue is about 90 minutes away and the same farm we buy our round bales from.  So the plan is to pick up a round and some squares before I ride.

7:00 AM  Clean Tack and Hook Up Truck.

I know I am supposed to clean tack the night before, but somehow that never includes my saddle.
I have stupid crazy nerves so I like to get to shows early. Even if the shows should be fun and easy.  Still nerves.

8:30 to 9:00 AM Hit the Road

10:20 - 2:30

  1. Get to the Farm
  2. Get Hay
  3. Groom horse
  4. Get on Horse
  5. Ride horse
  6. Change tack
  7. Repeat 3 -5

Go home time.

More to follow on horse show - but this picture proves it was a successful day.

Meet Mom and Grandma 1/2 way to swap stuff.

3:00 - 4:30 Clean trailer, chicken coop, front yard time. Clean stalls and sacrifice pen.  Uno got his hind legs wrapped when I got home.  I know you are not supposed to turn them out wrapped, but he does not bother his wraps and they were where I could see them from the house.  I usually wrap after big jumping or hunting efforts and just kick them out where I can see them.  My horses are only in for about 2 hours a day when the weather is good.  It does their bodies good to keep moving.

4:30 - 5:00 More dog time.  Play with ALL the toys!  Everyone cram on the sofa together. In general make sure that our dogs and any visiting pups get some one on one snuggles.

Dinner time Tonight it was just salad and some TV.

Horse dinner time When I was cleaning the barn, I let them out on our small grass turn out.  They really only get a hour or two of grazing while the weather is good.  They do have 24/7 access to hay in a shed out back or in slow feeder nets in their stalls, but grass is a special treat.

Because we have had some crazy weather swings, everyone got a mash-y dinner tonight.  That just means adding a bit of fiber beet and hot water to their normal dinner ration.  Uno got his wraps taken off. And everyone got tucked into their night time blankies.  The weather was supposed to turn bad around midnight, so after dinner they all got turned out and I prepped the stalls for bringing them in during the night.

Dog dinner time + Cat dinner time

Cue random animals running every where.  Not really, but when you have 2 cats and 3 dogs all eating at the same time it can feel a bit like musical chairs to keep everyone at the correct food bowl.

6:00 ish? TV/ Book time

The weekends are pretty much my only time to really read anymore and I usually crank out a book or two a weekend.  This week I was re-reading one of my favorite Sci-Fi serious by Ann Aguire.
Image result for ann aguirre

Seriously, love her books. Fun, not too cerebral, not too dull.  Great female leads.

10:00 ish? Human sleep time?

This is the part of the day were I cram 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 person all cram onto a queen bed. My husband goes to be later than me, so I have no idea how he tetris's himself into the mass of bodies on our bed.

2:00 AM Wake up when rain starts to bring in horses.  They were already headed for the barn, so it was just opening and closing doors and latches.  My husband will often take this job, as he sleeps in late and I am usually up with the sun around 7:00 no matter who long I try to sleep.

The only big difference in our Sat routine is on Hunt days, I leave earlier and usually ride Dutch when I get back.  Some nights we even manage to go out to see non-horse friends, but this is a pretty typical Sat for us at Dutch Run Farm.


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