Winter makes me crazy... aka house stuff

 North Carolina winters tend to be wet.  When your only riding space at home is a clay dirt arena this means slippage and angry horses.  We have also spent several thousand hours and many hundreds of dollars making the first picture into the second.  What this means is that I try to keep the horses from turning the arena into a slip and slide.

This was before we bought the property and what everything does in winder with no mud management.

Pretty much the same view after a lot of work.
As a teacher winter is also when money is the tightest - due to crazy pay periods because of breaks.  This means that I sit inside and actually look at the house and dream big dreams.  This causes my husband no degree of stress as he would prefer we just leave things alone.  I haven't really posted about the house much here and I may start doing that more often.  It is a big part of our daily lives.

So over the next few days I will probably be posting room by room plans for the house as well as big picture projects.  This is also to distract that the Dude and I will be making our First Level debut this weekend.  My nerves are better when I obsessively fixate on something else before we show.

So let's play interior designer!


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