It is the heart of the home

From the center of the kitchen you can just see the barn out the dining room window over the sink.

There are no two ways around it - our kitchen is small.  It is the original design from the 80's and despite an adjacent addition the previous owner never added any square footage or reworked the space to make it more open.  The whole back wall is the world's least functional storage and laundry space.  That is house remodel project one once we get our taxes filed this year. It also deserves its own post to truly capture the level of suck that exists.
I could not actually stand in the kitchen to take this pic

Not in the kitchen here either

The old dining space before the addition

Those ugly doors hid the worlds least functional laundry and pantry space.

Aren't giant ass cabinets that block all natural light AMAZING?? 

When we moved in and bought all new appliances.  We also put magnets on the doors to keep them shut.  About a year ago we replaced the sink and faucet.

Our long term goals:
  1. Redo the Laundry/ Pantry Combo
  2. Remove upper cabinets over stove and microwave.
  3. Strip and refinish the floors
We clearly do not have the cash flow at the moment to handle the bigger fixes, so the current plan is update the look a bit with a rug, some new knobs, and a coat paint.  Maybe a new light fixture.

The idea is to end up with something more like the pictures below without having to redo the counters, lower cabinets, or move any plumbing.
I love the blue and gold here!  It is so clean looking.

I have an obsession with chunky wooden shelves like this, but it may be too heavy for our kitchen.

I think this is a happy balance. 

This is the first room we are tackling and I will keep you posted with pictures and updates.

Phase 1: Cosmetic changes like paint and knobs.
Phase 2: Remodel the laundry rooms
Phase 3: Remove the upper cabinets and redo wall nest to the fridge


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