Its Getting Hot in Here...

So Summer is officially here, it is 85 - 95 degrees everyday, the humidity is at 70+%, the forecast consistently calls for intermittent thunderstorms, and the AC is broken.

When it is hot we hike instead of ride in the afternoon.


As a Northern transplant - I really struggle with the heat and humidity here.  Uno does as well.  It is his third summer in the Carolina's, but he still REALLY feels the heat.  When we were at the XC Clinic he out sweated every horse there.  I monitor him closely, and it doesn't seem to impact his breathing, but MAN does he sweat.
Still too much of this... dispite the heat we have had 6 inches of rain this month.

I don't know what I can do to make his life easier this summer.  I ride early in the morning or late evening when it is cooler as much as I can, and they have 24x7 access to the barn and their fans.

Riding as the sun goes down.
Poor kid ain't built for the heat.


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