Jumping the jumps

So after that mixed bag of a dressage ride, I was happy to get back into the jump ring.  We kept most of the fences as cross rails and worked on straight lines and a balanced even step.

All we do is run run run no matter what!
It was pretty hard at first - he warms up GREAT, but once he sees the first fence all the half halts and full halts just fade into nothing.  At shows, I usually show jump in his XC bit, but at home, the kimberwick is too much even with a super loose curb chain. The lesson before this I literally had no ability to stop.  Like it took over 100 feet to stop after jumping a cross rail.  This is not atypical for us on the XC course - Uno may not have the biggest stride or the best balance, but he is game for the run and seeks out each jump.

For this lesson, we switched to a waterford D ring and it was better. It was hard to keep a good canter, BUT we could get it back by circling after pretty much each fence. Once I got the good canter every distance and turn were effortless.

These are pictures with the good jumps and good canter.  It is forward, but balanced. And most of all very light in the hand!

We have been working on it at home over small cross rails and ground poles. Uno has been getting better and better about holding his balance throughout the work.  I cannot wait for our next lesson.

He gets SO incredibly excited when he sees even the littlest jump.  

Uno is the bestest boy.


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