There is beauty in the grind

We are just keeping on keeping on.  Our jump trainer has not been in the area for her other students, so we have not gotten out for jump lessons.  It is a good thing we are dropping back down a level for the championship. 

Which is good, because this is UGLY!!
All of our rides this week have been bareback.  I would love to say it because I am working on my seat and feel, but it is really because I have been too tired to groom and saddle up.  My fantastic hubby has been traveling for work, and although it really doesn't increase the work by that much, it really is draining mentally to not have him home.

Favorite spot on Earth.

The best little Go-pony EVAH!!

The good news is that Uno has really started to understand half halts and, if I get my timing right with them, will hold himself in a much more balanced and SOFT posture through the base of his neck and back.  My little 2x4 of a quarter horse is developing some swing!!  He has also nailed every canter depart, even if I decide to ask for the right lead by throwing my whole body at him. 

We were supposed to be done for the year after the Warhorse Championships, but I really want one more run at Maiden before we take a break - just so that we know we can.  There is a schooling HT in Aiken, SC (about 2 hours away) that offers year-end awards.  Their December HT counts towards 2019 points so it may be a viable option, for if we wanted one more run.  Alternatively, we could do 3 CTs for the same money, soooo - it just depends.  An even more alternate alternate plan would be to show dressage and jumpers separately.  Every local CT offers just dressage and runs jumper rounds after the CT finishes.  This would let me earn dressage scores for our local GMO AND practice jumping actual jumps.

The recent wet and chilly weather has me feeling getting into hibernation mode.  I kind just want to go back to wandering the woods and trails with my ponies.  Fall and winter are usually such quiet and peaceful periods on our farm - We just settle in and enjoy each other.


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