Long Pause

Long time no SEEEEE

Over the Holidays and as work started back up ( I am a high school teacher).  Life accelerates at a crazy pace.  It seems like there are never enough hours in the day.

Dutch on the other hand LOVES people!!
The Holidays are also hard emotionally. Both my husband and I are pretty introverted and need time away from people to recharge.  We end up very stressed for no reason this time of year simply because we have to interact with so many people.
And broke...

After 9 hours dealing with 15 year-olds, I need quiet. The school I work is usually a pretty great environment, but this year we are really feeling our growing pains.  We have construction on campus, more students than ever, and random and unexpected technology failures.

So we hibernate.

I ride my horses on the sunny 70-degree-WTF-is-this-Mother-Nature days.  And cleans stalls 800 times on the my-chickens-think-they-are-ducks-will-it-ever-stop-raining days.  In between those days I dream big dreams for our little farm.
I love that my feisty foxhunting pony will gladly cart all family members around our trails with no drama. 
Dutch does not believe in weather.
Oh yeah - We painted the barn on your 70 degree Christmas.


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