Thoughts of a horse poor farm girl...

This weekend was my fabulous husband's 30th birthday.  As a surprise I carted him away for 2 days in Asheville, NC.  Since we bought the farm we have tried to get away each year for 1 vacation, but have stopped all the over night or weekend escapes. I didn't realize how much we were missing them.

The NC mountains are pretty no matter what season!

I love having my horses at home.  There is nothing better.  I have been able to ride more, do more, and learn more than I ever thought.  It is also incredibly financially taxing. My husband makes a good salary and I work 3 jobs; we still just break even each moth.  Part of it was that our budget only really covered fix it uppers, another part is that the tax value of our home suddenly raised itself by 20% in the last year.  The end result is that this life style choice forces our many of the activities that brought my husband and I together.  It will not be like this forever - we will eventually have replaced every last board and nail on the place- but for right now I am glad I have a partner that is willing to sacrifice to make this dream a reality.

Especially when this the view from our kitchen.  It doesn't get sweeter!


  1. This sounds very much like Mike and me. We love having the horses home and we are scrapping together everything we have to be able to buy a place of our own. Things have to be on hold for a while, but we're happy to do it for a better future together :)


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