Improved views

In the midst of all the crazy weather (we had a few hours of SNOW on Sat) our land guy has finally finished taking down all the trees.  There is still some grading left to do, but it means that we are able to see better what we are looking at with land. 

Driving past the house - this will one day have the barn and arena on it.

In the center of the property looking back - the white line marks the rear fence.

From the same point looking up the hill to the future barn and arena site.

Looking diagonally back.

Everything looks so much bigger with no trees.

The back corner of the property.
We took the opportunity of a few sunny hours on Sunday and put in a temporary electric fence around 1/2 of the open area in the back.  This gives them another acre to run and play on.  It seems to dry pretty quickly and the standing water disappears a few hours after the rain stops and the mud is gone after the sun hits it.

Happy boys

Down the fence line looking towards the carport/barn. 
Lots of room to run.

We can finally stop tearing up or currently limited grassy area.

This means that the horses now have 2.2 acres fenced and split between the pen and the two turnouts.  The other side is just under 2 acres that are left to be fenced.

This weekend we are going to use step-in posts and start marking up where we want the barn to go. I am also spreading as much winter annual seed on the back as I can - I know we will have a limited crop, but at least we can hope to keep the weeds at bay.


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