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A bit of a warning about very spotty blogging to come:  I have anxiety. Mostly social with a side helping of intrusive thoughts.  I thrive on my farm because I have the ability to manage my world and control most outcomes.   Covid -19 really threw a wrench in that.  When stuff settles down a bit and we establish a new normal, I will write more about it.  Right now I am just super quietly melting down each day - usually ending up either in the barn or the couch petting a horse or a puppy.  I have this feeling that the outside world is total chaos and I can't do anything to stop it.  My job as a teacher is not making this any easier - our district is changing their mind so many times, I have now made 5 separate distance learning plans.

However, much like the rest of the world - life on the farm moves ever onward.

The horses started March off well.  We did some more work on the farm. And Uno went to his first horse show, right as the first US cases were being reported on.

We took down a panel so I can see into the barn from the house.

I started working from home - and the animals were THRILLED.

It also allows for quality spy time.

Then Uno busted his stifle on our driveway.

I have been turning the horses out on our house yard, post-ride, to munch on the grass.  While I was hosing and currying the winter crud off Dutch I watch Uno careen around the corner of the house.  When I looked he was just standing and grazing, but he must have fallen because I found the blood about 10 minutes later.

Pre scrub there was a LOT of blood.  A cleaning, some pictures and calls with the vet, and it was decided that we did not need to pay for a weekend visit.  I could pick up SMZs in the morning and just to clean and bandage as needed.

Post cleaning - the fetlock is just superficial and in fact, is completely scarred over already.  The stifle is a full-thickness tear into the muscle.  So far he has not been lame, but he is so active that it will not close.  I will take updated pictures in a week.

Post 'doctoring' - for the first few days I did this twice a day, we are now down to once a day, and I have stopped cold hosing.  Our procedure is: Cold hose to flush debris and control swelling, wipe with a clean cloth, spray with peroxide, flush, repeat 2 or 3 times, spray with dermaplast (antibiotic and analgesic), then fill the hole with antibio or vetricyn gel, then spray the whole thing with alu-shield and swat...  He was on bute for a few days because we were worried about swelling, but he has been turned out as much as the weather will allow and has done great.  The vet is supposed to be out in 2 weeks for our annual visit, but I will probably call and get the OK to start tack walking him this week.

Meanwhile, this goober has had to be my 'safe place.'  He is still recovering from a pretty gnarly abscess, but he is sound enough in body to walk around for 30 - 40 mins (sound of mind is whole other story).  So we have been walking around the property spooking at dogs, chicken, trees, the neighbor, a stick, a person who waved.... you know just normal everyday Dutch things.  He is not quite sound, where the abscess blew there is a VERY hurty hole - right now I am packing his foot which helps a lot.

Dutch is showing us how suspicious the new barn pad is.  A 75 ft drive and 5 inch packed and level pad just waiting for the roof to go up (and my wallet to recover).  Depending on how everything goes we wanted to start this before Easter... but that may have to get pushed back a bit.

Giraffe mode engaged.

Yes, he is sorting at the horse he lives with.

Our country starts "shelter-in-place" tomorrow, but earlier in the week my Dad came over and we pounded the last of the t-posts and placement marker for the rest of the fence.  This will be where our rear gate goes.


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