Old Man goes to the vet... again

 So one day I came home last week to Dutch in-explicitly in the barn... The gate was still up. Based on the poops in the aisle, he must have been there for a while. Based on his sweat salt coated neck and debris thrown about, he was not happy about this.  Based on his swollen face, he must have slammed into things.

I buted and politicised him, then called the vet. 

The next day all the swelling went down EXCEPT in the bump on his chin - that had doubled in size and soft.  We scheduled a vet appointment for Friday when the surgery was open just in case.

Of course, my truck was in the shop, so Dad came and picked us up and took us over to the clinic. We are lucky that we have access to a GREAT vet only 6 miles down the road. When we got there there were several emergencies that were in front of us. Including a mare that was completely non-weight bearing on a hind leg. EEK!

When we eventually got him in the vet took a look and started cleaning the bump and it burst everywhere. It was the grossest Dr. Pimple Popper you can imagine. The vet expressed as much as he could and the bump looked more like a volcano - it had a huge dent in the middle. We then ultra sounded his face looking for a foreign body that could have caused such a large infection.

We did not find anything.  There were still parts that had hard ridges that lit up via ultra sound, but not anything that shouldn't be there.  The vet thinks that there are multiple pockets of infections that have all been walled off separately and we have to work on each layer individually. 

The vet gave him a bolus of antibiotic and injected steroids and antibiotic straight into the emptied part of the bumb.  He sent me home with another antibiotic bolus, and a follow up in 2 weeks.

Two old (er) men taking pictures.

I gave him the next shot on Tuesday, so of course he has a very stiff and sore neck this morning with a big swollen spot at the injections site.

Tiny lil' bump


  1. Aww poor buddy, hope he feels better soon!

  2. Ugh. That is not what you want to come home to. How gross :( I hope he's feeling back to normal ASAP.


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