Bloghop: Who would your horse be sponsored by?

 The $900 FB Pony asked: who would your horse be sponsored by?

All the posts for this blog hop I have seen mention food of some sort, and while both of mine are treat fiends, if we are going with what we buy the most for them then the boys have much more utilitarian needs.


Mr Destructo. Other than mugging for treats, Uno breaks things. A lot. My patients being # 1.  This year we have had to replace his outside door stall latch and chain multiple times.  I have eventually hung the chain on twine so that it is more of a suggestion and less of an impenetrable barrier. Yes, this means he escapes into the dry lot when he is not supposed to be there, but it is better than replacing the chain or clips every other week.

Sometimes all this energy isn't just pointed at jumps.
He picked this gate up off its hanging bolts MULTIPLE TIMES before we built the new barn.

His newest door destruction was the latch on the outside door.  Following one too many chain-breaking he lost his open door privileges.  It was ok.  He just hit the door so hard it bent the bolt that held it shut...

Why, Uno? Why?


Other than a lifetime supply of anxiety meds for me? Or his vet bills paid off?  

He will accept both carrots and coffee!

Probably his hoof casts. 

Image stolen from google - his never last long enough to get pretty pictures.

They are not cheap and the boy will not keep them on for a full cycle.  He is way to tender footed to go without them in the summer (hard ground) or right after the farrier trims (he is a pansy) but he also sometimes rips them off daily.  This wet winter we have been getting by with Tuff Stuff, but god bless Amazon for carrying them.  

They do mean that when he is otherwise not trying to die, he can bounce around as sassy and he wants to be!

Steve and Fred:

They would be happy with more yummy hay and time away from the horses to play donkey games.

Thank you for the bloghop - I am holding onto my sanity by my fingernails and this helped.

I keep taking pictures of his leg and wondering if it is bigger? smaller? better? worse?  
We are still waiting on the most spechul antibiotics to get made by the compounding pharmacist.  I made him go stand outside all day today (with a hay net and a water tub at his feet) because it is supposed to rain tonight and I cannot take cleaning stalls 3x a day anymore. He can stand outside by himself as well as he can stand inside by himself and it means I may actually get to ride this afternoon after work.


  1. Ozzy would have been sponsored by his vet. JR would have been sponsored by Dover. He was barefoot and an easy keeper who never really needed vet attention so the only thing I spent money on for him was tack... which was mostly for me. So far, Lucy would be sponsored by Taylored Tack.

    1. I hear you on the vet bills. Dutch got ultrasounded today AND got his super special compounded antibiotic liquid, so I can't wait for that bill!


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