Farm Update

So we have this farm right.  It is the thing I am supposed to talk about here... right THAT farm.

Well we are planing things.  BIG things.

This shows a rough sketch of our plan.  The farm-ette is near-as-makes-no-difference 6 acres.  The red line shows our existing fence.  The white lines show where we are putting up fence.  Our goal is to have this area fenced and open to the horses in April.  As you can see that will easily double the area they have access to.

It must have been fenced in the past because both "side lines" are about 90's run with T posts every 10 feet.  We originally wanted to fence with rubber, but we would need to rip out all the T posts and sink wood.  That would be WAY expensive.  Our current plan is to fence it with T posts, field fence, and electric tape.

Like this but with white electric on top.
We are also getting quotes to "clear and mulch" the existing trees and brush, but it looks like having the whole thing done will be too expensive.  SO we are going to have the men with the big machines "spot clear" and we will thin the rest.

In addition to all of this we are going to replace the barn roof.  It is a mess.  We are just pricing it out but expect news on choices soon.


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