A random assortment

Very little happened on the horse front this weekend. We had some weird weather and a cold snap - last night is went down to 47.  Just a week ago our day time highs were in the low 90's.  When the weather acts all crazy I tend to give the horses time off. So they just lunged a bit and chilled out all weekend.

Which is ok because the Hubby and I ran the UA 5k.  It is a benefit run that helps support the growth of our school, Charter school funding is weird.  It was along our cross country path with is a gravel trail through the woods, most of it was hilly and twisty.

I ran as much as I could, which is not very much, but we still finished at about the 40 minute mark. The plan is to try another in 2 or 3 weeks.  I may never be able to run the full thing, but this is a great healthy fun thing Hubs and I can do together.


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