The Go Pony Goes

We went to a low key XC clinic sponsored by our hunt club.  It was small and held at a fixture not even 15 minutes from home.  I went with the expectation that we would just stop and hack about if we felt over faced.

Seriously, I was convinced we could just chill with the pony all day.

I know the low options for permanent fences here are like tadpole height so I figured we could bop around those and call it a day.

The clinic started off focusing on controlling your upper body to help your horse balance going up and down hills over a small cross rail and built to coops then mini courses then hacking through the fixture and jumping the combos and single fences as we came to them.

My mantra of the day was just keep kicking.  It was super cool to feel Uno figure out his job about half way through and start hunting the jumps.  As long as I kept my leg there and confident he took me to whatever I pointed him at.  It was great to start to feel confident enough to want to jump something again instead of just being thankful we were over it and didn't fall.

This once again reminded me why I love this pony. He may be tricky in the ring, but he will 100% take care of you once he knows his job.  What a great day!!


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