Summer Update Part 2

Horse Shows - it is what we do!!
If only you could hear me - I laughed my way around this course.

So proud. So awkward. So Uno.
So the Uno-Pony and I have been lessoning and XC schooling and showing our way through the summer.  Our results are qualifying for our local GMO Championship in November, confidently tackling all BN obstacles on XC, and schooling Maiden dressage and jumping at home. 

How long have I missed having fun at a show!!

Just in case you wondered - the derp is still strong in this one.

The Good:

This pony has totally figured XC out - the jumps are small to keep me brave, but he seeks out the flags and jumps everything I point him at.  SUPER BOY!!

Our trot/ canter work has gotten so much better.  We are slowly building his strength and balance, and he is starting to give me a few truly up hill steps of self carriage every ride.  Go US!!  Our lateral work is starting to click as well, which is helping build the oh-so-needed strength to pick his heavy front end up.

So happy to being having fun - eventually the ability to have fun and ride well will return.

The Bad:

Uno is still not submissive.  His bad days are BAD!!! We were one of only 3 double clear jumping rounds last weekend, but dressage was such a shit-show we still only finished 6th.  Last week the wheels really fell off and we never really recovered.  Our lovely trainer got on in last weeks lesson and could not get walk, trot, canter in straight lines.  He is still hacking and jumping like a star, but arena work is a big fuck you!! 

I don't know why we can't just do this either.

I don't know what the solution will be, but since school starts back up I am having trainer put 2 training rides on him for the next few weeks.  Our next show isn't until Sept, unless I get crazy and go somewhere just for dressage, so we have the time to figure this out.

Until then we will just keep kicking ass at running and jumping.


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