Moving Horses


So our new farm is a huge improvement in many ways, except the barn.  It doesn't have one.

I have not told him yet... but he is losing his double sized Princess digs.

We will have to move the horses to the new place way before a barn will be built and this is giving me STRESS!

This is Dutch's 100% preferred location

What is in place is a 20x20 carport that we are going to build out two temporary stalls and an aisle.  I may have fallen down a pinterest worm hole in trying to plan out what this is going to look like and how I going to manage the horses in our worst weather season (Winter = MUD) as we are establishing grass and building out our permanent fencing.  All with a smaller barn and a dirt sacrifice...

This is what my barn yard looked like when we moved in.  It was just normal winter here.

This was during our last hurricane... I mean, come on, forget diamonds- GRAVEL is a girls best friend.

The good news is that the land is flat and drains well.

Unlike *some* of our current place.

The bad news is that I am a crazy person when it comes to horses standing in mud.  I hate it.  I boarded places where 6 months out of the year the in and out gates for every pasture became boot and shoe sucking swamps.  I cannot over state how much I despise set ups that run this way.  In fact at our current farm, I bought and hand spread 32 tons of stone dust before I even fixed the whole in the barn roof.  So, Pray for me y'all. This will not be the best winter.

This dude will probably throw a pitty party with me! He hates WeAtHeR.


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