Serious Riding Update and Goals

 Since my surgery, I have been working closer with my dressage trainer and she has made it up at least once a week to ride Uno.  I am still weaker than I would want to be, but I have not restrictions so we have really been pushing for better and better work. The plan is to show at first level all of 2021 in our local point shows, and maybe hit up a few Nov/Dec shows at second level.  

Late night check showing how fit and shiney he is right now.

Dressage Trainer has been really impressed with how much better and stronger Uno is feeling.  There are still times when the tension bleeds over and he just "can't even." That said, he has all the pieces of first level there except the stretchy trot. His shoulder in's and leg yields, in particular, have gotten push button. They are also great tools in controlling his tension.  When he fizzes over and gets really tense in his back our current go-to is to flex him in until he lets go of the bit, then straighten, then go sideways until his rhythm comes back.

He is such a little DUDE!

We are currently really trying to figure out simple changes.  Right now we can get GOOD walk - canter transitions, but the same is not true of the reverse.  Rapid-fire transitions are one of the things that tends to blow Uno's mind. So we do 2 or 3 walk - canter - trot - walk transitions, then walk out a bit. Then leg yields and baby walk pirouettes.  

This is an old picture - but we have been doing a LOT of this.

I have to say that I am so stupidly excited for the nest dressage season with him. He is becoming such a cool dude and I am so happy that he is enjoying this work.


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