Best Pony is best pony

So last Sunday we went to our first event since 2019...maybe... COVID has so fucked with everything I honestly cannot remember.  I know that in 2020 we did the local dressage series, so that feels right. 

We really love the Horse Park.

We got absolutely rubbish ride times of dressage at 9:30, and SJ and XC at 3:15 and 3:25 respectively. That was a long 5 hours to practice my new anxiety-reducing strategies.  

We got to the show grounds a bit before 8.  We took a walk, got signed in and set up, and then it was time to get dressed up for dressage.  Uno was a total rock star and power walked around while I drank my mocha.  We did a nice short 20 min walk, trot, canter warm up.  He was soft, listening, and calm.  

I have no new media, so just imagine something like this.

We scored our first sub 30 EVER!!! Other than our last center line being the drunkest thing ever OMG! It was a good soft test.  It helps that we are slogging through First level test 3 right now in an unaffiliated show series and the GAG test was intro A, but a  fancy dressage pony Uno is not.  I am very very pleased with this test and the fact that we scored a NINE for our free walk to medium walk transition. We have been working on transitions within the gates and relaxation a lot and it paid off.

He is awesome and he knows it.

We then had the wait to end all waits.  I only kinda handled it well.  We set up Uno with some water, hay, and a snack, and went to walk cross country.  I actually felt really good about the course - it was small (yay) and pretty much straight lines except for the last 5 fences which were a large serpentine around a big field and through the water.

Then we waited.

Uno is better at waiting than me.


The rest of the story will come when I actually have media to support it, but as a spoiler - he was AWESOME!


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