Feeling like 1000 bucks!!

 So we jumped this weekend for the first time this week.  And let me tell you, the show last weekend left Uno feeling SO confident.  We spent the week hacking out around the neighborhood and finding new places to ride.

Sometimes I rode Uno and ponied Dutch, sometimes it was Uno and I alone, and then sometimes when I was feeling brave I rode Dutch and ponied Uno.  Uno and I racked up a lot of miles over the week just walking and trotting around. 

Then he had Friday off and was just lunged on Saturday.  So Sunday morning my husband went out with me and video taped us jumping the new course I set up.  It was it was very basic - one 4 stride cross rail to oxer across the diagonal, one 6 stride vert. to vert. across the diagonal, a skinny barel with guide rails on one long side, and the gate on the other.  The fences were set between 2' and 2'6".

Uno was a STAR!!! We jumped in the hackamore, and just like on the XC course, I had to used my legs to stear and had marginal breaks, BUTTTTTT  he was perfect in front of the jumps.  He didn't chip in, I was able to soften completely on the approach and still get our distances.  It was great!!!  Going to spend the week hacking out again, then maybe go for a lesson on Sunday.

This is a BN sized jump and it wasn't even scary at ALL!!

Even when I was very passive to the oxer (cause they scare me a bit) he just popped right up and over like a champ.


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