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Yes, I am amazing.  
I finally got to go for a lesson yesterday. I have written about Uno and I not having the best sessions jumping at home.  Yesterday made me realize that I need to go for lessons more often.  We did not ride long, or jump very complicated things, but it was exactly what we needed.

We started with a 15 - 20 min hack around the property.  Just walking and trotting out on a loose rein.  This was Uno's first time behind the turnouts on this trail and he was just happy to bop along.

We went back to the arena and watched the last lesson finish up.  Once that was done we did a brief trot and canter.  Trainer L was impressed with how much muscle Uno has added over his top line and the fact he is now USING his hind end with it up and under him.  

The lesson focused on setting him up BEFORE we turn to a jump, then keeping my hands soft to the base.  I had to hold the neck strap a lot to keep from picking at him, but he just cantered around softly jumping each fence.  As usual he started getting really excited, so we also added in downward transitions and balancing circles after the jump.

You can see how he is gaining muscle.


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