So that was not the result we wanted

 We ended last weekend on a big old R. I retired after fence 4 of the stadium, was allowed to continue to XC, and refused at fence 4... so yeah. 

My trainer and I really sat down and looked at everything that happened and we came up with 3 big takeaways:

Over the first jump.

1. We were 3rd in our division after dressage and had many 8s on the test.  So our flat work has really come along.

2. I did not ride backward to anything - even scared shitless my hands were forward and we found good distances.

3. Uno was TIRED.  He did not deal with the heat or something about our prep the week before just wore his butt out.  He was dripping after dressage and was rolling poles in stadium. 

I have professional pictures as well, but I am pretty embarrassed by how tired he looked.  We did very little warm up, and honestly was not on his back that long.  He was tired for DAYS afterward.  

I am not upset about the show results, I am really bummed that I let him down from a horsemanship perspective.

At our lesson yesterday, looking fine.


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