Uno Catch up in Pictures

In reverse order since blogger is being a pain.

Uno blew out a heck of an abscess on Tuesday and we went to the vet just to be sure all was good.

Miss-matched wraps because my truck is a literal dumpster and needs to be cleaned.

We think that sore feets are dumb.

The next series of pictures are probably the cause of the abcess.  I was supposed to have a lesson last Friday, but my trainer's kid was sick so we went to a local greenway instead.  It started off great and we were trotting most of the trails... but I got very very lost.  Several miles (and one very rough back road) later and we ended up in a boy scout camp.  The temp was rising pretty quickly and we had to turn around and head back the way we came.  Uno was game the whole time.  He handled narrow technical trails, several very large steps up and down, 4 water crossings, a lake, a tunnel under the high way, train tracks, many children, many dogs, and one kamikaze deer.  I did give him a shade and grazing break because it was just so hot.  I was a bit worried about how he was dealing with the heat, but as soon as I hosed him his breathing and pulse were right back down to normal.

Last Wednesday, A very sleepy pony before having a great dressage school and popping around 4 small jumps.

2 weeks ago I was lunging him over a few jumps and he was being so casual, so I raise the back rail and got this LOVELY jump. 

Look at this cute hind-end action!!!


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