I was due

 You know what is harder than riding one handed - getting media of said rides.  So I have been cleared to ride from my doctor and had my stiches out.  I am still supposed to be in the brace for most things but I can take it off whenever I am not using my hand.  Of course as soon as I had the all clear I immediately got sick.

Uno came home - Dutch hates him again.  So fun!

After basically sitting in bed when not at work, I started lunging and riding Uno again.  He has been so good and so well balanced, but also very spicy.  Honestly, after every trainer ride he comes home a little bit hotter.  I think I ride him a bit under tempo at home - which is something I should work on in my lessons.

Grandma and her boys.

Of course, that made me feel pretty brave, so I took both boys for a little neighborhood stroll. MISTAKE.  The neighbor bordering the next door hay field got a new dog - a very high energy boarder collie.  I did not see them in the bushes along the fence, but Uno sure did.  I maybe could have ridden out the spook if I didn't focus on hanging on to Dutch, but it was not to be.  This was actually my hardest fall in awhile and I have been sore for days!  


Incisions looking ok.

Then yesterday I came home to Uno having a swollen face - he was probably kicked by Dutch.  We just hacked around in a rope halter and he was really really good.  This morning the swelling was pretty much gone, so hopefully we will be back in business tomorrow.

This is the start of my favorite time of year on the farm.  The nights are cool and the farm is beautiful!


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