First Week Blahs

 Students started school this week, and I am nor going to lie - I am exhausted.  This is my 14th year in the classroom, and first week jitters barely get any better.  In addition to this I will be out the second week for surgery, so I have felt like I have had to cram 2 weeks of policy, procedure, relationship building, and tech support into 5 very short days.  

This looks more relaxing than it is.

The end result of this is that I have not done much on the horse front.  They are fat, sassy, and happy.  Dutch finished his round of treatment, and although his breathing is not normal, it is not bad.  He is full of energy - he gallops to the gate in the mornings, and drags me around every other on his walks.  Our late afternoon temps have been in the low 90s with real feels close to 100.  When he does any type of exercise, he breathes pretty hard with an audible sound. However, within 30 - 60 seconds of pause, it drops to completely normal resting breaths.

We have also started tackling our to do list for making the farm friendly for feeding from square bales all winter.  Step one: making fencing that we can attach hay bags, and feeders to. 

We have also sold our hay hut.  We do not know exactly what the plan is for how we are going to feed - especially with my surgery, I will not be able to fill the bags we use right now.  We have a bunch of plans in mind for creating hay feeders that we can just toss flakes (or full bales) into.

We are also having the house painted...  so much stuff happening so little time.


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