Uno is a good good pony

 I have very little media from our lesson, but I wanted to do a quick write up.  Of course the weather was not fun, the temp dropped 15 degrees from the day before and it was windy on top of that.  Uno unloaded tired and never really "woke up."

Usually this type of warm up would mean that we barely crawled around and chipped into fences or messed up.  We did not have the longest warm up, mostly because Uno was NOT feeling it and the more we pushed for dressage type work the pissier he got.

Instead there were poles set up in the corners of the arena. They were 3 poles set in a fan for a 90* corner.  They were set so you could walk the very inside and canter the very outside.  We started at trot and oh man did this show off whether or not I had his shoulders under control and if I actually rode my line the whole way through.  Canter was even harder.  BUT once I was getting a good gait before and actually riding the whole way through it went well.

Then on to jumping.

I wrote the above part of the post on Nov 21.  It has been sitting in my drafts.  I know the rest of the lesson went really well and I wanted to write about jumping through the grids and finishing over real jumps on the diagonal, but to be honest I am struggling.  

My darling husband has been working out of town since the end of Oct.  He was home briefly for the Holiday then went right back out.  Being by myself has been hard.  

The horses are good.  Dutch is doing better; Uno has been a champ, but I am tired.  I want to post this so it goes out.  But yeah. Tired.


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