Compare the quality

 Let's do some comparisons... of the horse, not me.  NEVER me.

These pictures are not at the exact same place in the stride, but you can see the separation and greater reach of the hind end. You can also see the lift in his shoulders. The top canter felt SO easy to ride and the bottom canter felt like I was dirt-biking around the turn.

The trots show similar differences.  In the top picture, I am going across the diagonal in lengthened trot.  It is also just a titch later in the stride.  It shows an OK amount of forward reach, but no lift.  Look how dirt-bound he looks, there is the same amount of push - it just all goes straight forward.  I felt that if I let go at all in that test we would unravel.  The bottom picture had just as much push, but he was actually working over his back.  This felt SO amazing.  

Hopefully after the show this week I can have gallop comparisons too!!


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