What if I am tired?

 This will be a mostly pictures post.  I am here. Uno is here. Lew is here. The donks are here.  I honestly have been throwing myself into socializing both with horse and non-horse friends.  It takes a lot of my mental bandwidth to do that so many other things have fallen by the way side.  Also husband has been traveling non-stop and that means I do all horse, house, and farm chores myself.

Still Uno and Lew are doing some fun (and not-so-fun) things. And I want to get back in the habit of recording them.  My goal is once a week to write down some thoughts. 

Uno is really just the best and steadiest boy.  I had decided to abandon showing for the moment and just lesson as much as possible.  I live for these 60 minutes a week.

Lew is growing and learning and mostly being very sweet.  Sometimes the 4 year old TB side comes out and things get a little interesting... but mostly he is a good snuggly baby.  We walk, trot, and (mostly) canter on both leads, he jumps our faux ditch, and has started trotting baby cross rails.  He is still very uncoordinated, but more about that later.

Life is good, but I am still tired.


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