A Week Alone

Since my SO is traveling for work I have the farm alone this week.  Since I am working full time + a second job I have a friend coming over during the day to clean the stalls.

This means I have the time to ride, my goals for this week are:


Tuesday:  W - T - C focus on quality of transitions up and down.  Do not get "stuck" on his good side.

Thursday: Jump school or trail ride depending on weather.

Friday: Dressage Test.  School Intro A and C.


Tuesday: Lunge in rig - check for soundness

Wednesday: Work laterals in hand

Thursday: (if Uno trails) pony 3 + miles

Friday: Dressage focus on shoulders in to haunches in, supple downward transitions.

Saturday: School the pieces of 1-1.


Gets Groomed EVERYDAY.

Start clicker training.


1. Mow side paddock before rain
2. Finish insulating new electric line
3. Use puller bear and clippers to clear out saplings in back back
4. Fix Uno's stall guard


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