What is happening around the farm...

 No photos, but we had a break out this weekend.

The mule broke the gate on our new turnout and took the herd wandering.

They wandered across our super busy street and into the very private, very nice, very not horse friendly neighborhood about a quarter mile down the road.  The found a veritable horse playground on the private air field... private air field, you know for the very nice, very clean, and very not horse friendly planes that the residents fly.

Can I just pause to mention I was in my PJs - a 'house dress' style jumper and some muddy uggs, holding  a lead rope, a bunch of twine, and a bucket of feed - chasing 2 horses and mule down a private runway.

I was mortified.  Also  having a panic attack.  Also ruining my feet.

After a 2 hour field trip our local sheriffs provided us a quarter mile escort down the road and back to the farm.


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