TRM Bloghop: Honest Sale Add

That Red Mare started a bloghop of honest sale adds for our horses, and I thought it would be fun to write one for Dutch, although he will never be for sale, which is good because I doubt someone will want him.

For your consideration, Dutch Harbor is a 2000 model thoroughbred cross gelding.  He is something like 16.2 hands - I dont know for sure he has broken several cross ties running from the measuring stick.  In fact if you are considering this horse get used to both of those things, breaking and running, because that is like 97% of Dutch's life.

He is schooling all First and Second level movements, he can jump around a 3 foot course of fences, he will go over ditches and through water and down banks.  He hacks out alone or in company.  He is good for the farrier and anyone can groom or clip this horse.  He goes equally well in a hackamore or a snaffle, and can be ridden with no tack.

Things Dutch is good at:
Dutch is a pleasure to ride, when sound, and not, you know running like his butt is on fire.  He has extensive training in learning dressage tests faster than you and then refusing to do new ones when the USDF changes the test and jumping all things not shaped like wishing wells.  He is particularly good at jumping things that should not be jumped, like perimeter fence and picnic tables.
He is obnoxiously photogenic and will out class you in every picture you take.

Things Dutch is bad at:
This horse HATES to live outside.  Infact he would be one of the few TBs that gets ulcers from turn out. That being said living inside 24/4 will leave him with a back end that flexes as well as a 2x4.  His preference is a king size room with a view and adjustable A/C.  He will need this XL sized room to nap away the morning and watch the sun go down.  Right now he does well with a 18 - 20 hour turn out schedule, but sometimes that changes.  If it does be prepared for him to jump his way out or into any barn set up you can imagine. 
He sucks at sharing.  He will gleefully bite, stomp, kick, or chase away any other creature that catches your eye, be they horse, dog, or human.  Sharing is not allowed.  

He is also bad at grazing, eating grain, keeping weight on, or any other process that involves masticating and digesting calories or nutrients. This leads us to his other notable skills including, but not limited to: poison control, the ability to sniff out the smallest about of not-his-grain substance in any meal; ground control flight monitor and general neighborhood surveillance, I mean why would you eat when you can stare at things; Pollock-esque room design, its more creative when you use food and bodily fluids - EVERYONE knows that; and Princess-and-the-Pea room evaluation, take out stock in shaving because if they are not a foot deep he will spontaneously develop hock sores.
Right now he is loving his life with his 10x20 stall with 3 windows, 2 hay bags - one grass, one alfalfa- 2 feed buckets, 3 meals, 20 hour turn out with free choice grass hay, and 2 hours on grass pasture before lunch. So you know, make sure that where you board or keep him is prepared to deal with Captain Fussypants.
All in all if you are looking for a reliable sport type horse, look some where else.  

If you are looking for a partner that understands that hills are natures treadmills and should always be galloped, someone who despite their advancing age still wants to do ALL THE THINGS, someone who is just as happy sleeping on your should while you read as they are chasing their friends around the field.  

If you want someone who follows you around like the world's cutest stalker then he might be the one for you.
If your looking for someone who forces you to slow down and re-evaluate when you get too lazer focused, and kicks you in the pants to get off you butt when it seems like too much work to get out of bed.

If you are equally happy to spend your holidays hand walking as winning ribbons.  If you want to learn as much as you can about alternative therapies and soft tissue damage.  

If you want a touchstone that anchors all your days.  If you earn for bright eyes and smooth fur. 

If you want a horse reflects all your good and all your bad right back at you.  If you can let go of your expectations, and timeline, and should-have-done's to just enjoy the moment.
Then this is your horse.


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