House Goals

I think that #housegoals is the middle age version of #squadgoals.  You know the things that sound awesome and out of reach?  Since the horses are on a severely limited budget while we ride out some unexpected financial concerns, My ADD brain hamster switches focus to making the farm house an awesome place for people and not just fat lazy dogs.
Bo only cares about food and soft sleeping spots.

In my type-A quest for constant progress and the almost crack like high I get from checking things off lists has finally made its way to the last 2 rooms of the house. Literally, they are opposite each other at the end of the hall.  We have several rainy days/ weeks coming up - Carolina spring regularly just becomes monsoon season.  So we cram land clearing into any sunny day and I plot inside projects for rainy days.

This was pine forest that morning.

The two rooms that need to  be tackled the most are our office/ guest room and our master.  The office is a collection of furniture that has been following us around since college, and the master is blandest room I have ever been in.  Because pointless planning makes me happy I created two terrible image boards.

After staring at more white paint chips than I thought possible we narrowed it down to a few choices.  My favorite is Origami White by Sherwin Williams. The room is already a bland beige should be easy to cover and in a satin paint the white shouldn't be too cold.  We currently have a cheap white Ikea metal bed - the idea will be to either put a high contrast tapestry behind it, or paint it a dark grey.  I am going to reuse a custom truck that was made by a family friend for me while I was in college as birthday present.  Right now it lives in the tack room and holds extra bits and my medical supplies.  I think that is a waste for such a beautiful piece.  This room redo should be the least expensive and easiest in terms of time. Some paint, new linens, and a furniture re-do and it will be a new space.

Paul's Office is another story.  Right now it is clearly the most neglected room in the house.  We will have to tackle this room in phases - see previous budget concerns.  The easiest step is paint.  Paul requested green and I picked Saybrook Sage by Benjamin Moore.  This should be a soft neutral green.  The next thing that needs to go will be the collection of cheap mismatched book shelves and craft cabinets.  If you walk though my house you will see that I have a love affair with built-in shelving and here is no exception.  Question - Is there such a thing as too many built in shelves?  That is the element Paul is most likely to veto.  If he really hates it we will do a set of Billy bookcases from Ikea.  Then we need to DIY a platform for the twin bed.  Our kitten has her litter box in this room, and if we lift the bed off the floor she prefers to poop there... BAD KITTY!  So a platform bed will be a little classier than a mattress on the floor.  We will also organize Paul's art collection into more gallery style set up that lets us see all the paintings we have collected.

Now I just have to find the time and get it done!! I will post pictures when the rooms look a bit better.


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