Man Crush Monday

Good Morning!
Nom nom nom.
As usual my crush takes the form of two older, dorky, and very sensitive men. If you followed me on any social media you would know that like 1000% of my posts are about my pony or my dog.

Just chilling in the pasture, way better than pool side.

 This dog takes his barn guarding duties very seriously.  He is at least 15 years old (as a rescue we are not certain) and doesn't have the best vision anymore, but man is he always alert for things to bark at.

The only horse who will leave his very limited grass time to come chill with me as I clean buckets.

We call this the Bo-nut. It is like a doughnut only cuter.
This is his disproving librarian look.

The best way to end a day!
 For those wondering, Mr Cecil is feeling MUCH better!


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