House Post: Laundry Redux

The final product.
So a few weeks ago we decided we could not keep living with our laundry room and pantry the way that they were. So we cleared everything out, stacked the washer and dryer and re-installed custom shelves on a track system.  It is the best decision EVER!

The pantry was the least functional thing ever - in order to get food on the lower shelves you had to lay across the washer and dryer.  Cleaning this out we found some old and frankly gross food.  Stuff that had not been seen since we moved in 2 years ago.
I had already cleared out the top shelves.

Yeah, that is totally usable space - NOT!

Don't look too closely, I think a troll lives there.
At the end of the first night we had stacked and cleaned the washer and dryer, then measured and swept the floor.

Even if we stopped here it was SOO much better.

No trolls here.

All finished and beautiful!!


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