As much as I love Dutch, he has the most frustrating butt EVER!!  We bought the farm with the assumption that he was going to live the life of the world's most pampered trail pony, but seemingly through an act of God he has slowly over the last 2 years of Magnawave, 24 hour turn out on good footing, and hill work he has become sound.
Cute butt is cute!
This winter we slowly returned to work and lessons, and even made our First level debut. All awesome.  Then came the abscess from hell and 2 weeks where he could not find a comfortable way to stand.

Annnnd cue mysterious hind end lameness.  He is not always off, he is not head bobbing, he is perfectly sound tooling down the trails and playing with friends, BUT he is standing parked out.  Which is uncomfortable Dutch sign number 1.  He is also occasionally off on the lunge.

When your back is as long as a bus it gets sore easily.

He has several chronic hind end injuries and this could be any one of those.  After taxes and mule related vet bills we really do not have the $$ to go chasing through his hind end looking for the sore spot.  I don't know what our plan will be, but step 1 is a visit from the chiro (who is also our vet).

To make up for it the Uno pony has decided to be awesome, even for arena work - which he feels is pointless.

When the pony is good, life is good.


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