We did a cool thing

This weekend my Grandma, Mom, Hubby, and I went down to the Tryon International Equestrian Center to watch the Show Jumping and Cross Country on Saturday.  I have to say this venue is AWESOME!

I do not think that the XC purists will love the TIEC course (not the new Advanced or 3 * course), it is very twisty and turny with few places to really gallop forward.  It makes for a great spectating experience for the non-horsey members of my family and decently helps get horses used to a lot of atmosphere even on a quiet day.

The stables are beautiful and even the schooling rings are nicer than most places we show now.  We were able to follow a walking path around the course and got to stop at several great viewing spots.  I was able to watch *stalk* several "big name" riders.  I was very happy that all the levels we watched were filled with great examples of horsemanship.

My take away is that a steady forward hand and supporting leg all the way to the base of a jump will make up for just about any evil.  All the nicest, out of stride, calm jumps had riders who rode forward and made no big moves 2 to 3 strides out.

It is one of the closest venues for when we start showing rated dressage again, so this was also a great time to scope it out.


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