In which it never stops raining....

This is how I spent my Spring Break.... SOOO nice!

Ahhhh, sun. After 3 days of continuous rain and flooding it is hard to remember that this was just last week.
This bucket was empty 36 hours ago...
A horse friend who edges the line between Ammy and Pro offered to come help me with the Uno-pony.  She is a jumper that does the Grand Prix circuit up and down the East Coast.  While she is home she is going to come over a few times a week to give me lessons and school the Uno-pony herself.  We have reached the stage where Uno is strong enough to start real arena work.  He has 2 years of fitness on trails and the Hunt field, and has finally stopped growing.  He is also in the bratty 5/6 year old year where his body is strong enough to start work, but his mind is convinced it is easier to just not listen to Mom EVER!

Hubby is great at cooling one horse out so I can hop on the next.

We made some great progress in not diving down and pulling ourselves around on the forehand when the sky decided to open up.  We have gotten 6 inches of rain in the past 48 hours and it is still drizzly and gross.  Everything is soggy, and all the animals are pissy.

This is how we feel about the weather.
The mule-y luffs his window.
They have to stay in because of the Princess Pony's spechual spechual shoes.  We have a lovely stone dust pen around the barn that usually is dry and ready for use within hours of the rain stopping - it just wont stop.

Steve is the only one who gets outside time - notice the standing water.

All the water... Is there a dance to stop the rain?


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