One Week Post Surgery


So I had a pretty involved surgery to fix endometriosis complications last Monday, and I have got to say that although I am still not allowed to ride, I have bounced back from this one faster than any other surgery I have had.  The first few days were rough, my belly was swollen and my abs very very sore - but a few Tylenol and naps later and I am feeling just fine.  Except for eating and drinking.  Right now the only things that really set off the abdominal pain are a too-full belly and trying to carry anything for a prolonged time (and laying down for bed, because I have slightly over done it every day).

While I have been recovering we have had a bunch of pitch hitters stepping in to keep the farm running, namely my husband, my best friend, and my dad.  I am back to working from home this week, and I got to say I am happy for this small hibernation time to be fully present as the seasons change.

While I was hard at work yesterday morning most of the animals took a snooze in the sun.

My M-I-L brought me things to decorate my front door.

I was back out here as soon as I could be, just sitting in my chair and being happy.

The day before surgery (and after a negative COVID test) my Grandma came over for the first time since the pandemic happened. Both and I the boys have missed her.

It was funny that when he saw her Uno came GALLOPING up out of the field to get his carrots.

All in all guys, Life is good!


  1. I'm glad you are recovering well and hope you are 100% soon!


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