Babbling a Breakdown Pt2

 When we last left I was solidly NOT holding it together.  My depression was high, my horse was not feeling himself, work was stressful, and my farrier (who is capable of miracles) was sick. 


SO I set a new jump course.  And let Uno just be the best ever.  And he was.  I have video proof that I cannot find a distance to save my life right now.  But have jumped around this and had just a great time.  Each time we go around I feel braver.  He is just the best little nugget.


And he gave me time to process and think about Dutch.  I started him on a low does of bute for a few days to see if it would help.  It did. So I decided to cast his feet with a rubber "soft boot" pad in the bottom.  This way as he wore out the bottom there would still be a protective layer to keep all sand and gravel out.  It would also let me use our boots on his hind feet when there is going to be rocks.

Then school started on Monday for real, and wow, I do not have the same stamina I had pre-pandemic.  Nothing is really wrong or bad, but everything is exhausting.


Yesterday after work we went for a 101 degree toddle around the neighborhood and Dutch was LIT.  Uno was a rock star as always.  Dutch has a few coughs in the beginning, but spent most of the ride jigging, snorting, and being very very full of himself.  I will do a more in-depth look at how I am treating his feet with pictures this weekend, but for now, he is happy so I am happy.


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