More Curveballs

 This weekend Dutch decided to throw another curve ball at us.  I left him out a bit longer Sunday morning.  I was watching our home weather station and waited until it went over 85 degrees at like 9 am to go get him in.  This is very normal for us, I do this every weekend.

The right side you cannot see measures and records rain fall.  As you can see 3 pm is HOT.

This was a huge mistake, Dutch came in absolutely HEAVING.  He was breathing so hard it was making a roaring sound.  I hosed him and stuck him under his fan and within 10 minutes he was down to a normal respiration rate, just heavier breaths than normal.  I had a tattoo appointment with my friend for a long session on Sat, so I left my husband with some directions and a close eye on our barn camera.

I love this thing so much!! I could watch him drink and munch hay.  Hubby was very worried about him and hosed him again. He seemed pretty plucky, but his breathing just would not go back to normal.  His appetite was a little off as well.  He went out that night after dark and came in Sunday morning at 7 am, before the heat.  And yes, waking up at 7 am after being at a tattoo parlor from 11 am to 9 pm was not my favorite no lie.  However, he did seem pretty happy yesterday.

We did decide to upgrade his fan set up.  The dude now has 3 fans for weather over 90 degrees. His appetite is still not back to normal and of course I am terrified whenever I see days over 95.  I am also worried about affording treatment.  As a teacher I do not get paid over the summer and I have ALREADY paid over $1500 in vet bills this month.  Putting him back on clemburterol will be around $20 a day.  As much as I would want to, I cannot afford that long term.  Our other option is putting him on an inhaler.  The vet is working out pricing for me.

Thankfully the weather is on a down swing from the HOT HOT days we have had.  I just want my happy dude back.  This is giving me ulcers.


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