First Clip of the Year

 Uno started out very fuzzy.  He is the real reason I decided to clip this early. Although our overnight temps are in the 30s, our daytime highs are near 80.  Even just hacking out at a walk has Uno sweating pretty hard.  Last week there were a few days where I had to wait extra long to blanket so he could dry out.  Dutch does not grow a thick coat, but in the afternoon he usually has signs that he is a bit too warm, plus he has some skin issues going on with his legs, so a clip would be good for him too.

I decided to clip out side the barn because I figured that the horses would be happier with a bit of grass.  It went pretty much as expected - Dutch stands rock still, but has started to have saggier skin around his chest and elbows which makes them impossible to clip.  Uno moves a bit more and is the flinchiest horse ever about his sides near his stifles.  

Are they the best clips I have ever given? No, but they will hopefully help me stay on top of Dutch's skin issues and help Uno sweat less.  There will be longer posts written up this week on how Dutch is doing and what my fall plans are with Uno, but at least I have two much easier to care for ponies.


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