I have started and stopped an update on Dutch many times.  He is still here.  He almost 'un-alived' me the other day bucking when I turned him out, but that was the most energy I have seen from him in a long time.  

I maybe watch him on this camera too much

We bought him a basic nebulizer and it has really helped him, that said his breathing is not normal or regular.  It is really hard, because even now that we have a method for managing his symptoms that helps and has him eating and not in the OMG are you about to die worry zone, he is not thriving.  

Sorry we cant afford the fancy one dude, just get over it.

He will be 23 in about 6 weeks and that just doesn't feel that old to me.  

Look at this dork.  Who wouldn't think this was the face of a young punk??

This is the first winter he is headed into the cold skinny.  I am scared. I hate talking about it because I feel 2 steps away from crying at all times, but he is not in good shape.  Since this blog primarily a record of what I have going on it seems wrong to be hiding this.

So where is he really and what are his symptoms.

1. He is nebulizing 5 ml of clembuterol twice daily along with saline and silva-plex twice a day for 20 - 60 minutes a sesson.

2. He gets straight alfalfa in his stall in a hay bag on the ground.

3. He has 24/7 free choice tim/ orchard hay

4. He gets 22 zyrec twice a day with food.

5. He is in his stall while I am at work to eat and rest unbothered.

This camera was so cheap and so worth it.

He is back to being really picky about his food, so I cannot keep him on the fat supplement or the beet pulp - he will not eat it.  I has started finding quids in his stall more than ever before, but he is well known for spitting out 'bites that taste funny' and I know that nebulizing has changed some of the tastes of things. 

This all leads to my primary concern - he is skinny. The first two pictures are from last week.

I have written about this before - this image was from his previous "worst flair up"

I had our magna wave person out here and she was shocked.  I run a fat farm - I like my horses A circuit hunter fat and now pictures from the wrong angle make him look like a rescue case.  I feel like I am pouring as much high quality feed into him, but he is not chunking back up.

This is what we looked like the winter after his 'last' bad summer.

I know we have only had the nebulizer for a week, and it has made a difference, but until those ribs and spine are hidden under a nice layer of fat, I will still be panicking inside.  


  1. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. Try not to panic, like you say you've only had the nebulizer a week, and hopefully he'll pick up over winter anyway with less annoying allergens around. He looks nice and shiny and very well cared for <3


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