Uno was hella spicy!!!

 Last nights night was a lot.  I just wanted to hack out, but after getting run off with multiple time I went back home to ride in our jump field.  

Except Uno would not stand for me to open the gate. So he backed into the electric fence, shocked himself, and reared/ bucked/ spooked into a tree and backwards over the mounting block.  I feel pretty bad ass about the fact that I managed to stay on!  

Then we went and did 20 minutes of trotting, he was ok, but wanted to be very heavy and would buck/ rear whenever I lifted him up or half halted... so I got off and lunged him FOR OVER AN HOUR!!! Until he stopped his dragon/ Arabian impression and trotted off like a normal horse. 

Unrelated to horses, I celebrated my Dad's 65th birthday with him on Tuesday!


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